The Underlying Belief of Prosperity and Politics

The underlying belief of Prosperity and Politics is simply that growing, prosperous free enterprise economies causes the U.S. Democratic Party to lose presidential elections as well as causing loss of power or loss of elections by the international political left.  In other words economic stagnation and poverty itself are old friends of left wing dictators in North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Cuba.

In Western Europe the GIPS countries (Greece Italy Portugal Spain) the socialists are perfectly happy with adult unemployment of 25, youth unemployment of 50, as long as they win elections and enjoy power, because power is it’s own reward.  The plight of the people is always secondary to maintaining left wing power.

Historically in the U.S. the Democratic Party enjoyed three electoral victories (1932, 1936, 1940) with high unemployment, a stagnate economy, and of course, full employment for Federal Government employees.

The thesis of is intended to be a truth applicable to the past, present, and future.  That is why I filed a copyright on the concept thru 2075 or so.

In order to rein in the free enterprise capitalistic system the left established a hostile legal environment with trial lawyers having no monetary limits on lawsuits at the Federal level.

This is known internationally by business leaders as the hostile North American legal environments.  The Democrat advisers are happy that some companies do little business in the U.S. because of lawsuits.  This helps Democrats win elections since corporate employees tend to vote Republican.

Unfortunately labor Unions leaders think private sector Unions help workers, but I believe the Unions are established to help Democrats win elections.  Many large national corporations have been bankrupted by unchecked Union power.  When employed by large corporations workers tend to vote Republican while laid off workers panic and vote Democrat.

Following the end of the Civil War in 1865, in the Presidential election of 1868 freed blacks began voting Republican to reward Republican President Lincoln who had led the Union in freeing the slaves.  It didn’t take long for southern Democrats to block blacks from voting Republican.  This led to the solid white Democratic south for nearly 100 years until the Democrats lost 4 southern states in the 1964 Presidential Election.  All of a sudden the Democrats got all excited about black rights after largely ignoring the serious plight of black Americans from 1868 until 1964.  The Democrats thought the black persons vote would bring back the solid Democrat south.

Remember Jimspolitics analysis is Democrats tend to win in recession and tend to lose in prosperous times.  For example the Democrat defeats in ’52, ’56, ’68, ’72, ’84, & ’88.

What to do about these defeats.  Immigrants and women tend to vote Democrat.  So the Demos passed the 1965 open border act as well as a blast of affirmative action legislation to help win elections and to reward immigrants and women for majority Democrat voting patterns.

In general I and many others believe the U.S. Democratic party and the international left deliberately and systematically develop policies to suppress per capita income for non government employees while simultaneously creating high above market salaries and pensions for their supporters in the public employment sector.

The entire left is very smart and very dedicated to maintaining power at the expense of non government employees.  The left is as cruel as they are smart in reducing the standard of living of their opponents and increasing their own standard of living.

We have the computers, technology, science and free enterprise and there is no need for poverty except to maintain left wing power.

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