Prosperity/Politics 1952 & 1956

Prosperity/Politics 1952 & 1956

In order to understand economic conditions in the U.S., it is necessary to look at the origin of the Democratic Party. The Party was founded by 2-term President and plantation owner, Andrew Jackson, in 1828. Under Jackson’s leadership the party became pro-slavery and remained so until the civil war ended in 1865.

The pro-slavery position is important because it led to a mindset, or policy, that says ‘we know a policy hurts people, but if we change it we will lose power’ and maintaining power at any cost is the unwritten first principle of the Democratic Party.

The second principle is to use government power to raise the standard of living of their supporters and do the opposite to their opponents. This is why 45% of adults pay no income tax at all, and federal employees cost 30% to 40% more for the same type of administrative desk work. The aforementioned two groups are majority Democrat.

After 20 years in power, between 1932 and 1952, the losses in 1952 and 1956 resulted in great anger at the American people, and a search for policies to maintain power. A study of the economic growth in the 1950’s, with Eisenhower’s pro-business policies aided by naturally conservative Southern Democratic committee chairs, the USA experienced rapid economic growth, full employment, peace, and paying off half of the WWII debt just to mention a few facts of that prosperous decade.

The problem was the 1950’s were a political disaster for Northeastern liberal Democrats. After 1960, harassment of Republican-leaning groups began in earnest. First, think tanks and consultants were hired to explain the losses and develop policies that would prevent the 1952 and 1956 losses. Among the conclusions was the free enterprise free market system was producing large numbers of men and women that were voting majority Republican. The remedy for a too prosperous economy was intense federal regulations, high taxes, business busting labor unions, endless lawsuits, and an overall anti-business attitude with special harassment of manufacturing companies.

In 1952 and 1956 the Democrats could not carry most manufacturing counties and states. One of the reasons we see so many ‘made in China’ labels is because of the Democratic Party’s difficulties in industrial manufacturing areas. The consultants also saw that women, various minorities, and government employees were voting the right way and these groups should be rewarded. Soon preferences in hiring for women and minorities were either written into law or became public policy. The real purpose was to get more voters from these Democrat leaning groups. Women, minorities and government workers returned the favor with monetary contributions, attendance at rallies, and volunteer work for the Party.

The post 1960’s resulted in a host of movements; women rights, civil rights, and environmentalism; all designed to get more Democratic votes. It is obvious that anti-business policies would have to be concealed and the environmental movement was an ideal front to suppress the free market’s rising income. Most environmental laws were written to increase costs for businesses, and environmental groups give 90%-100% of their political contributions to Democrats.

A good example of phony environmentalism is the left’s opposition to nuclear power plants. Cheap electrical power helps manufacturing industries that create problems for Democrats. The environment is not the priority and the Party is a lot more afraid of losing votes then they are afraid of nuclear power plants. Since the Democrats were doing well with recent immigrants and not so well with second generation plus Americans and large families, the Party, along with their consultants, decided to increase the former and reduce the latter.

The 1965 and subsequent immigration laws were written to favor left leaning parts of the world and decrease the numbers from Western Europe. The voting trend studies revealed that English speaking immigrants were fitting in too well and were soon voting for the hated Republicans.

In order to reduce the proportion of second generation and large families, a flood of birth reduction procedures was introduced including the pill, abortions, condoms and the morning after pill. The preceding positions have the effect of making room for immigrants and their favorable voting patterns.  Small families are better because they are more likely to tolerate high Democrat taxes.  Further, low birth rates produce fewer job seekers, and this helps Democrats because their anti-business policies produce fewer jobs in the private sector where wealth is created and 90% of jobs are found.

Foreign policy and foreign wars also provide opportunities for political gain. In 1968 the opposition in Vietnam was about to throw in the towel after taking over a million casualties. A Republican, Richard Nixon carried 31 states, winning the election. Immediately, the Democrats began to reduce funding for the war and cut aid to South Vietnam, resulting in a humiliating withdrawal and defeat in 1974.  A Democratic Congress did not want a Republican to win the Vietnam War and get more Republican votes.

Another good example of Democratic double dealing in foreign policy is to look at Senate votes for and against our use of the military. The late Senators, Byrd and Kennedy, regularly voted for our wars when there was a Democratic President in the White House, and against war when a Republican was in the White House. National security is never to interfere with maintaining  power.

The failure of the left screams out of the pages of modern history. India, China, and Russia had horrible famines under the rule by the left. After the leftists were removed, all three countries began to prosper. The break-up of Russia and East Germany were irreversible defeats for the international left. The reason the left keeps pushing is because government employees and a few others prosper under left wing rule.

I believe the Obama, Biden, Pelosi administration is trying to suppress business private sector income in order to establish the one party rule they already have in many big cities. Of the ten cities with the highest poverty rates, all have been under the Democratic Party rule for decades.

All over the world, as well as here, the left can get more voters in a weak government dependent country than they can under the prosperity of free markets. If you remove North Korea, Cuba, and Zimbabwe from world per capita income calculations, world per capita numbers go up, not down.

The remarks of the people that say politicians will do almost anything to get elected are correct. What the people do not know is that the Democratic Party promotes wealth reducing policies in order to maintain power. As in slavery so long ago, they know it is wrong, but maintaining power is so much more important!

After studying politics for 50 years, I and many others have concluded that much of modern, progressive liberalism is a racket where many federal employees make a lot of money while the rest of us must earn a living in a very competitive economy.

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